Monday, May 17, 2010

Success in Suffolk

I was very happy with how the craft show went on Saturday at the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum!

The weather was perfect! I had a nice shady spot for most of the day and it wasn't too windy. (which meant I was able to put up my pennant banner on the front of the table since the wind wasn't blowing it around too much)

These were some of my neighbors during the show:

I couldn't figure out if it was a good thing or a bad thing that I was near the petting zoo. On one hand, the interest in the petting zoo drew people over near my table. On the other hand, people would start looking at my table and then notice the petting zoo and get distracted. At least the area was set up so that the walkway took them back by our tables after they had spent time at the petting zoo.

My table was also next to a very nice lady from Suffolk who was attending her first craft show.... Carly's Classy Clips

The crayon wallets remained in the spot of the #1 selling item. Here are some photos of the newer version that I have been making.

I started placing the crayons in sideways to prevent them from slipping out if it was turned upside down. I haven't had any problems with the original style that I made, but I just wanted to prevent it from possibly happening.

Also, the new designs have crayon pockets large enough to hold either 8 regular sized crayons or 4 larger toddler sized crayons.

They now measure approximately 11" x 5.5" when opened and 4.5" x 5.5" when closed.

These make great birthday gifts. Please contact me if you would like a crayon wallet made with a specific fabric pattern or with a certain licensed character.

I also started listing some of my items on Dreamaid today. 10% of the money I make will be donated to the Dreamaid Charity. They provide staffing, internet access, computers, cameras, etc to third world artists which helps them to promote their art around the world. It is obviously not as popular as Etsy is right now, but there is still a large variety of handmade items available to purchase from artists around the world.

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