Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pink, Pink.....and more Pink!!!

I had to take a break this week from sewing in order to get ready for my daughter's 5th birthday party. Only a couple of days after her 4th birthday, she decided that she wanted to have an all-pink party. All year, she has been pointing out everything pink and saying that it could be for her "pink party."

I secretly (well, I guess not secretly anymore since I am posting it on a public blog) dream about being Amy Atlas so this party was so much fun. I am a very visual person and have been faulted by some as being too "matchy-matchy" so I loved the monochromatic look!

Just ignore the rust colored wall. I seriously considered painting it pink.....ok, maybe just putting up some pink that it wouldn't clash so much! (remember......matchy-matchy).

Kylea helped me with the goody bags a couple of nights before the party.....everything pink of course!

We had a great turnout for the party.....all little girls dressed in pink....and the weather was beautiful!

Now......back to sewing!!

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  1. This is adorable! What a fun idea, my daughter would love it too, she's such a girly girl! I think it's so sweet you even got daddy to wear pink! Did you make those pink puff decorations? I like them!! :)