Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easily Distracted...

I have been following craft blogs for a while now. I really do *try* to avoid them as much as possible when I have other things that I need to do. Looking at one blog leads to a link to a new and different (and usually just as wonderful) blog. Before I know it, I have 15 different tabs on my browser open and I am still not done looking at the first blog that I started looking at! My husband can attest to this since he is usually very irritated by how many tabs and windows I have open!

My daughter's 5th birthday party is coming up on Saturday and my list of things to get done before then is quite overwhelming. I also have a craft fair coming up at the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum on May 15th and I really need to restock my crayon wallets!! I'd like to say that I was able to mark a few things off of my party list or complete some crayon wallets yesterday, but......instead I decided to make my youngest daughter a dress. Well, at first it was just going to be a halter-top style shirt, but then I decided to make it into a dress instead. (because a little girl can never have too many cute dresses) The only problem with these "distractions" that I come across online is that I usually don't have all of the supplies that I need to complete them. I was going to make this dress reversible, but I didn't have any interfacing so I had to give up on that.

Despite the fact, that I didn't get as much done on the projects that I should have been working on, I think it came out pretty cute. I still might add a ruffle or two....because a ruffle always makes something cuter!

My 5 year old really wanted one too so it looks like I'll have a chance to get some interfacing and try out the reversible style.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Where it all began...

I have been making burp cloths for a couple of years now.....since I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. I have always used prefold cloth diapers for burp cloths since they seem to work the best, so.....why not make them look pretty, right? I began making these and giving them as gifts for the many baby showers that I have attended over the past couple of years.

I started off using just regular cotton fabric prints, but I found that these were not initially as absorbent as the flannel that I now use. All of my burp cloths are now made exclusively with flannel. The flannel also seems to get softer and more absorbent with each wash. I know from personal experience that there isn't much that these burp cloths can't handle!

Each burp cloth is approximately 18" x 13". They are also large enough to be used as a changing pad in a "pinch".

These burp cloths are the ultimate accessory for any new mom and make wonderful baby shower gifts!

Now for the part that I am most excited about! As much as I enjoy making baby and children's items and accessories, I am really looking forward to debuting some baby and children's clothing!! I will slowly be introducing these clothing items into my product lists over the coming months. I was able to finish up one example of what is to come. This particular item was inspired by the visit to Just Cupcakes that I was finally able to make yesterday. I have been waiting for an "excuse" to pay them a visit and was finally able to for a baby shower yesterday as well as my daughter's 5th birthday. All I have to say is "Yum!" So, here it is....

I also was able to start on a skirt this afternoon as well...

I'll probably add a couple more flowers to it and then make a shirt to go along with it.
I may even debut a couple of products just for the moms since I love these so much! That way the babies and kids aren't the only ones that get to be 'stylin!
Keep checking back for more exciting clothing products in addition to the baby and children's accessories!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Diaper Pouches

Have you ever reached into your bag for a diaper only to find that it no longer resembled the diaper that you had placed in there? I know that I have found many a crumpled diaper in the bottom of my diaper bag and then I still had to search around for the wipes.

These diaper pouches are designed to keep your diapers and wipes together to make diaper changes much easier (and who doesn't like *anything* that will make a diaper change EASIER?!?)

Each diaper pouch measures approximately 7"x12" and is designed to hold at least 3 diapers and a travel wipes case.

Check back tomorrow for a new product to be featured!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crayon Wallets

As a mom of 2 little girls, I know how important it is to have "entertainment" available for kids at all times. Keep one of these crayon pouches in your diaper bag or purse to have ready at a moment's the doctor's office, waiting in line at the grocery store, and even on road trips!

Each crayon wallet is approximately 15"x5.5" and hold 8 crayons and a 3"x5" pad of paper. The simple velcro closure is easy for toddlers and preschoolers to handle on their tying involved unlike most crayon rolls! The pad of paper is placed strategically in the center of the wallet so that the children can color with the wallet on their laps.

Here are a couple of the girl's prints that I have available for the crayon wallets.

These crayon wallets also make great birthday gifts!

Check back soon for some of the boys prints that I have available as well as wallets for toddler sized crayons and colored pencils!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Craft Fair!

April 10, 2010
I attended my first craft fair today...the Little Lambs Consignment Sale and Craft Market at Tabernacle Church of Norfolk! I only found out about it last weekend so I had a lot of sewing to do between then and today! Although the turnout was not as well as expected (more people showed up for the consignment sale on Friday than today), it was a chance for me to get a feel for how I plan to set up for future craft sales.

It was a perfect day for a craft sale.....sunny and in the 60's! My only complaint is that I forgot to bring sunscreen and now I am paying for it with a pretty uncomfortable sunburn.....all part of the learning process I guess!

Although I received many compliments on all of my products, the crayon pouches definitely came out in first most popular item of the day!!

Next up.....the First Annual Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum Craft Show on May 15th! Time to start sewing!