Personalized Onesies and More

These onesies and t-shirts make great baby shower gifts and birthday gifts.

Give a matching big sis/little sis onesie-shirt set....they will love it!

What about a #1 onesie for the birthday boy/girl to wear for their first birthday party?

Choose a monogrammed onesie in a variety of shapes!

There are so many options for these that you will have a hard time choosing!

The onesies are available in many colors:

Onesie size information:
Size (Height/ Weight)
0-3 mos. (Up to 23.5 in./ Up to 12 lbs.)
3-6 mos. (24-25.5 in./ 12.5-16 lbs.)
6-9 mos. (26-27.5 in./ 16.5-19.5 lbs.)
9-12 mos. (28-30.5 in./ 20-23 lbs.)

The toddler t-shirt colors are more limited, but I am working on expanding those options!

Choose from a variety of paint colors and shapes!

I enjoy working on custom orders! Just let me know what you have in mind and I will be happy to start working on it!