Monday, September 27, 2010

Let the Fall Craft Fairs begin!

IMG_7120, edit This was the second time that I have participated in the Little Lamb’s Consignment Sale and Craft Market at Tabernacle Church of Norfolk. I saw a lot of familiar faces, but I also saw a lot of new faces too!

I restocked my crayon wallets ,with most of the new fabric that I had purchased recently, just in time for this craft market. As always, they were a big hit!

IMG_7121, edit I also debuted a couple of new items….

IMG_7122, edit These are my new countdown blocks that I have added to my products! They measure 3 inches x3 inches when put together. The two blocks on top can be rearranged to countdown each day until a certain event….Halloween or Christmas in this example! I will also be adding blocks that say “Days until daddy (or mommy) comes home” very soon! I am also taking custom orders for “Days until {name here}’s birthday”. These are great for helping small children to understand how many days are left until a big event!! I am selling them for $5.

The second item that I debuted was the “Baby Sleeping Signs” that I have started making.

IMG_7123, edit These each measure 5 inches x5 inches. I am selling them for $8 each! Any new mom (or experienced mom for that matter) will tell you that this is a necessity if you have young children in your house. My UPS driver makes his deliveries in our neighborhood right in the middle of naptime. I am not a happy person when he rings my doorbell which causes my dog to bark which causes my kids to wake up!

I also had the diaper pouches available in some new fabrics:

IMG_7124, edit Last, but not least, the burp cloths:

IMG_7126, edit

It was a very hot day with temperatures reaching above 90 degrees! I was fortunate enough to have been able to mostly avoid sitting in the sun all day….a necessity for me and my fair skin! I met a couple new local crafters too….one being Missy from Missy’s Musings.

For those of you who complain that I never have picture of myself at the craft fairs, you can thank Nina for insisting on taking my photo at my craft table:

IMG_7130, edit I have quite a few more events planned through the end of the year so watch for future posts on those! Happy Fall!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Joy Frameworks $40 Giveaway

Heather from Sew-Over-It just shared information about a giveaway over at Joy Frameworks! Up for grabs is a $40 gift certificate to her etsy shop: Joy Frameworks.

I love this large picture frame made from an antique ceiling tin:
And how great is this "Give Thanks" sign:
Head over to Joy Frameworks before 9/24 to enter this great giveaway!! Tell her "Handmade by Kiki" sent you!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is quickly approaching!!

I just had my first pumpkin spice latte of the year last night, and to me that means that Fall has arrived! I know we still have a couple more weeks until the official first day of Fall, but it has already started for me.

Fall brings the first day of school for my Kindergartner. She has been waiting for so long to finally start Kindergarten. I decided to make her something special to wear for her first day of school. Per her request....a mermaid shirt...courtesy of Handmade by Kiki:

Fall also brings lots and lots of craft fairs and events! I am so excited to participate in these this year. I have already added quite a few to my calendar and am in the process of adding more.

I also am looking forward to the nicer weather that is soon to arrive and the fact that I will be able to leave my windows open! Once that time comes, I usually get the urge to do some "fall cleaning" in my house. I don't know if it is the fresh air blowing through my house or the yummy fall scented candles, but a good "fall cleaning" gets put on my to-do list! I recently came across the Shaklee cleaning products...and I am hooked! They work better than anything I have ever used, and more importantly, they are non-toxic!

I am now aware, more than ever, of how many dangerous chemicals are in products that we use everyday! I don't know about you, but spreading toxic chemicals around my house doesn't feel very "clean"! I feel like this information is too important not to share so.....I decided to become a distributor. I have started a new blog dedicated to making our homes safer and healthier for our families by sharing the information that I have learned. Introducing....

Safe and Healthy Solutions

I would love to have you follow me over there and join me as a Facebook fan as well! I will be doing occasional giveaways and special offers and following my blog and Facebook page will be the best way to stay updated on these!

Happy (Almost) Fall!!