Monday, May 10, 2010

Travel in Style

Here is a new product that I am going to have available very soon.....a travel Hair Accessories Wallet.

Take it along for your vacation or even for a short day trip. It will keep all your hair clips neatly in one place and prevent them from getting damaged in your bag. There is a pocket on one side to hold hair bands and other accessories that won't clip onto the ribbons. The two wide ribbons can hold up to 24 hair clips.

There are seams at the folding points to make it easier to close. It measures approximately 15"x7" when opened and approximately 4"x7" when folded. It folds up easily with a velcro closure. The inside pocket measures approximately 4"x6" and also has a velcro closure.

The Hair Accessory Wallet will soon be available in all the fun and stylish fabrics you can expect from Handmade by Kiki! Also, like most of my products, custom orders are always accepted!

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