Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easily Distracted...

I have been following craft blogs for a while now. I really do *try* to avoid them as much as possible when I have other things that I need to do. Looking at one blog leads to a link to a new and different (and usually just as wonderful) blog. Before I know it, I have 15 different tabs on my browser open and I am still not done looking at the first blog that I started looking at! My husband can attest to this since he is usually very irritated by how many tabs and windows I have open!

My daughter's 5th birthday party is coming up on Saturday and my list of things to get done before then is quite overwhelming. I also have a craft fair coming up at the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum on May 15th and I really need to restock my crayon wallets!! I'd like to say that I was able to mark a few things off of my party list or complete some crayon wallets yesterday, but......instead I decided to make my youngest daughter a dress. Well, at first it was just going to be a halter-top style shirt, but then I decided to make it into a dress instead. (because a little girl can never have too many cute dresses) The only problem with these "distractions" that I come across online is that I usually don't have all of the supplies that I need to complete them. I was going to make this dress reversible, but I didn't have any interfacing so I had to give up on that.

Despite the fact, that I didn't get as much done on the projects that I should have been working on, I think it came out pretty cute. I still might add a ruffle or two....because a ruffle always makes something cuter!

My 5 year old really wanted one too so it looks like I'll have a chance to get some interfacing and try out the reversible style.


  1. LOVE IT!! Absolutely adorable!

  2. Soooo did a great job! What a cutie!