Monday, September 27, 2010

Let the Fall Craft Fairs begin!

IMG_7120, edit This was the second time that I have participated in the Little Lamb’s Consignment Sale and Craft Market at Tabernacle Church of Norfolk. I saw a lot of familiar faces, but I also saw a lot of new faces too!

I restocked my crayon wallets ,with most of the new fabric that I had purchased recently, just in time for this craft market. As always, they were a big hit!

IMG_7121, edit I also debuted a couple of new items….

IMG_7122, edit These are my new countdown blocks that I have added to my products! They measure 3 inches x3 inches when put together. The two blocks on top can be rearranged to countdown each day until a certain event….Halloween or Christmas in this example! I will also be adding blocks that say “Days until daddy (or mommy) comes home” very soon! I am also taking custom orders for “Days until {name here}’s birthday”. These are great for helping small children to understand how many days are left until a big event!! I am selling them for $5.

The second item that I debuted was the “Baby Sleeping Signs” that I have started making.

IMG_7123, edit These each measure 5 inches x5 inches. I am selling them for $8 each! Any new mom (or experienced mom for that matter) will tell you that this is a necessity if you have young children in your house. My UPS driver makes his deliveries in our neighborhood right in the middle of naptime. I am not a happy person when he rings my doorbell which causes my dog to bark which causes my kids to wake up!

I also had the diaper pouches available in some new fabrics:

IMG_7124, edit Last, but not least, the burp cloths:

IMG_7126, edit

It was a very hot day with temperatures reaching above 90 degrees! I was fortunate enough to have been able to mostly avoid sitting in the sun all day….a necessity for me and my fair skin! I met a couple new local crafters too….one being Missy from Missy’s Musings.

For those of you who complain that I never have picture of myself at the craft fairs, you can thank Nina for insisting on taking my photo at my craft table:

IMG_7130, edit I have quite a few more events planned through the end of the year so watch for future posts on those! Happy Fall!!


  1. Your table looks so pretty! I love the flag banner.. adorable! :) I enjoy browsing fall craft shows, hope you did awesome!

  2. Oh what lovely items found you via sew-over-it. Do you post to the UK?
    If so I would love one or two of your items.
    Find me on my blog or email
    Beverley (UK)